Esther Steenbergen Trio

‘This meeting of classical guitarist Esther Steenbergen with Eric Calmes (electric bass) and percussionists Enrique Firpi and Roël Calister takes a major risk but emerges triumphant …’
Classical Guitar

I wanted to play the Latin American repertoire with a rhythm section and there for asked bass player Eric Calmes and drummer Enrique Firpi to join me. It worked out perfectly. We performed in the Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Poland and Indonesia and recorded two albums:  Repertoire en New!

CD Repertoire

Antonio Lauro (Venezuela, 1917-1986) Seis por Derecho
Roland Dyens (France, 1955) Libra Sonatina
Astor Piazzolla (Argentina, 1921-1992) Tangos
Eduardo Sainz de la Maza (Spain, 1903-1982) Habanera
Leo Brouwer (Cuba, 1957) Danza Característica
Heitor Villa Lobos (Brazil, 1887-1959)Preludes

line up
Esther Steenbergen guitar
Eric Calmes electric bass, fretless bass
Enrique Firpi cajon, drums, percussion
Eric Vaarzon Morel flamenco guitar
Roël Calister udu, percussion
Niek Wijns recording director
Guido Tichelman sound engineer

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CD New Repertoire

Music by
Behzat Cem Gunenc (Turkije, 1980)
Chiel Meijering (Nederland, 1954)
Ernesto Snajer (Argentinië, 1968)
Oene van Geel (Nederland, 1973)
Gustavo Pazos (Uruguay, 1960)
Eric Calmes (Curaçao, 1956)
Jasper Blom (Nederland, 1965)
Juan Pablo Dobal (Argentinië, 1964)
Ramón Valle (Cuba, 1964)

Line up
Esther Steenbergen guitar
Eric Calmes bass, gogo bell
Enrique Firpi percussion
Claus Tofft percussion
Oene van Geel percussion
Theodor Milkov marimba
Niek Wijns recording director
Guido Tichelman recording engineer

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CD New Repertoire download

One day I was asked to perform in Colombia. Eric was hard to get in touch with and Ernique already booked. I thought if I need a rhytm section in Colombia, it might as well be a Colombian one. I searched and found Camilo en Sebastián Trejos, two brothers who play out of their skin. 

critical acclaim

The Largo becomes a silky slice of late night jazz, complete with the subtle use of the brushes by Firpi’. Paul Fowles in Classical Guitar Magazine

‘A beautiful gift of sparkling bas lines and extremely exiting guitar sounds …’Amigoe, Dutch Antilles

Jazz at it’s best..’Bayerisches Volksblat

She is a great guitarist or better, a great musician, who always knows how to give the right power and swing to the score …’ Luister

The musicians literally conversed with their instruments, trading licks and kicks to build a glorious three minutes coda that alone was worth the admission…’Jakarta Post

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