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Franz Schubert - die schöne Müllerin - maarten koningsberger- olga franssen - esther steenbergen

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Tania Kross | Corazón
I read about a new opera talent from Curaçao and two days later Universal called and asked if I would like to arrange and record songs by Villa-Lobos with her. That is how I got to know Tania Kross. It is a great CD and Tania and every now and then Tania and I still work together.Maarten Koningsberger | What’s New
‘Why don’t you sing about der Müller in stead of always die schone Müllerin ? He thought about it and after a while he recorded What’s New? About Bill and Joe and Mad about the Boy.

Kees Wieringa | De Ploeg
Dutch pianist Kees Wieringa’s project about De Ploeg included this CD with a composition of composer Daniel Ruyneman.

Geert Chatrou | Ornithology
Geert Chatrou is a virtuous art whistler as can be heared on this CD . We met at a festival and stayed in touch. Every now and then we give a recital.

Zing met ons mee | Concertgebouw
A childrens concert, initiated by het Concertgebouw and still in production by Krossover. The audience can order the CD before the concert so they can sing along.

Papas Calientes | Gustavo Pazos
Papas Calientes contains traditional music as well as works by composer/guitarist Gustavo Pazos Conde. He wanted to make this record for a long time and I was happy and proud to join him.

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